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Births 1635 - 1812 Marriages 1631 -1927 Deaths 1630 - 1725





A typed copy of the Parish Registers for Kingston was made several years ago. In the era before PCs this was a large effort by members of the Kingston History Society. Handwritten additions have also been made from time to time since. Some errors will have been made during this transcription effort and so all entries should be checked back to the original records which are now held in the County Records Office, Exeter.

This website contains scanned images of these transcriptions from our archives. Searchable files have been added as an index for baptisms and later weddings.

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Births / Christenings:

Index (as an Excel file) for 1634-1813 Baptisms.

Records by date are:

29Jun1635 05May1637 24Feb1638 16Oct1640 30Jul1645 18Apr1647 11Feb1650 20Feb1652 09Jul1655 24Apr1658 27Jan1660 18Feb1661 24Mar1665 15Apr1667 03Apr1670 07Jun1673 14Mar1679 08Jul1682 01Jun1686 05Mar1690 09Dec1693 10Jan1697 08Jan1700 16Jan1703 11May1706 27Aug1710 12Oct1714 21Nov1718 19Aug1722 09Jan1726 08Apr1729 01May1732 21Jul1732 30Apr1736 29May1739 16Sep1743 08Feb1747 12Jan1752 01May1755 19Feb1758 27Apr1760 09May1762 31Mar1765 04Nov1767 24Dec1769 03Apr1773 30Jun1776 04Oct1779 20Dec1782 25Apr1785 25Mar1787 27Oct1789 23Apr1790 18Sep1791 08Sep1793 30Aug1795 23Jan1798 29Dec1799 18Jul1802 16Sep1804 21Sep1806 10Jul1808 09Dec1810 25Dec1812 1827-hand 1827-1828


14May1631 06Oct1634 31May1646 30Jan1654 16Dec1658 14Apl1670 10Feb1680 01Jun1691 02Jul1702 22Dec1721 28May1725 07Jul1732 05Jun1741 13Jan1767 26Jan1770 12May1777 17Feb1781 03Jan1787 30Sep1791 05Oct1798 29Oct1803 29Mar1811 06Jan1815 30Oct1818 16Nov1822 18Jul1827 05Oct1832

From 1837 onwards, more information was recorded - we show this across TWO sheets. Look for details of a married couple in part 1 - then if further info is required it can be found on the same line reference of part 2.

Index (as an Excel file) for all records listed.

12Oct1837-1 12Oct1837-2 03Mar1841-1 03Mar1841-2
30Oct1846-1 30Oct1846-2 08Apr1853-1 08Apr1853-2
27Feb1857-1 27Feb1857-2 21Dec1861-1 21Dec1861-2
18Oct1866-1 18Oct1866-2 08Sep1877-1 08Sep1877-2
10Jan1884-1 10Jan1884-2 24Dec1887-1 24Dec1887-2
30Sep1893-1 30Sep1893-2 27Dec1897-1 27Dec1897-2
28Apr1904-1 28Apr1904-2 18Jun1910-1 18Jun1910-2
06Nov1915-1 06Nov1915-2 08Feb1921-1 08Feb1921-2
02Aug1924-1 02Aug1924-2 17Dec1927-1 17Dec1927-2

Register of Banns

From 1824 to 1932 there is also a record of Banns read in the Church, where no wedding recorded - usually married outside the village. These are noted below - from each first date on page:

09May1824 17Nov1872 24Jun1917

Deaths and Burials

26Dec1630 09Jun1632 13Jul1636 20May1640 10May1644 05Dec1645 04Oct1647 29Mar1653 04Oct1655 29Mar1658 12Nov1660 09Jun1666 08Jan1671 10Sep1675 10Jul1681 22May1684 11Feb1686 31Oct1688 02Feb1692 05Apr1694 12Nov1695 06Nov1698 07Oct1700 30Oct170213Jan1705 06Mar1709 05May1713 14Feb1721 07Jul1725

misc 1792-1808
1808-1813 1773-1806 1732-1806