THE SOCIETY shall be known as Kingston Local History Society or KLHS, and shall subscribe to the Kingsbridge History Society and seek to link up with other local History Groups.


o To research the History of the Village of Kingston and its environs.

o Encourage Society members and the local community to carry out their own research into their historic past.

o To preserve, store and have public access to Archive material in a safe, secure place in the Village.

o To welcome contributions from anyone who has documents, photographs, memories or information to add to the Archive collection.

o To involve the local community in activities in order to learn more about their local Heritage.

o To organise regular meetings with speakers on topics of local interest, occasional visits to places of historic interest and local field walks in the area.

o To involve local residents in recording their memories of people, places and events, both orally and through the written word.

o To contribute to local journals, set up exhibitions and keep publications under review.

o To create a Web site for the Society.

MEMBERSHIP OF THE SOCIETY shall be open to anyone who supports the aims of the Society.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS shall be held normally during the autumn.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS shall be proposed by the Treasurer and agreed at each Annual General Meeting. Nonmembers shall be welcome to attend Society events at a fee proposed by the Treasurer and agreed at a Committee Meeting.

THE COMMITTEE shall meet at least twice between each AGM and shall comprise of President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist and co-opted members. A quorum shall consist of any three of the following – President, Chairman, Secretary &/or Treasurer & Archivist. Co-opted members shall have equal voting rights to committee members. The Committee members shall be elected for a period of three years and shall stand for re-election at the appropriate Annual General Meeting.

THE MEETING PLACE for the Kingston Local History Society shall be Kingston Reading Room for open meetings, for which an agreed fee shall be paid, and at members’ private homes for committee meetings.

ALL MONIES received in excess of £30 shall be paid by the Treasurer into an appropriate Bank or Building Society Account, withdrawals from which shall require the signatures of at least two of the Officers of the Society who are already signatories. Amounts below this sum shall be receipted and recorded in the accounts, but may be added to a Petty Cash Account operated by the Treasurer. If, from time to time, there should be a substantial amount in the accounts that is not immediately required by the Society, a donation may be made to a local cause, if agreed by a 2/3 majority of the membership.

THE SOCIETY reserves the right to promote further activities as it sees fit and disclaims responsibility for any personal injury to persons attending organized events, however caused.

AMENDMENTS to this Constitution may only be made at an Annual General Meeting by 2/3 of attending members.

THIS CONSTITUTION, dated October 2007, supersedes any previous Constitution that may be in existence.