ARCHAEOLOGY K.ARCH.1 D.C.C. Yarrowbury (Bigbury) listing  
  K.ARCH.2 D.C.C.Blackdown Rings  
  K.ARCH.3 Time scale B.Archaeology  
  K.ARCH.4 Oldaport - Saxon Burg - 2001 update  
  K.ARCH.5 Kingston/Ringmore Industrial Archaeology Sites  
BELLS K.BELL.1 Letter from C.C. of Church Bell Ringers re. Bells  
  K.BELL.2 Copy of Kingston Church Bells Booklet Updated 2009
  K.BELL.3 Original drawing for cover  
  K.BELL.4 Poor rubbings of inscriptions on Bells  
  K.BELL.5 Transcript of Inscriptions  
  K.BELL.6 Photos of Bells & Ringers - C1950-57 & later & 2008 See also `Photographs General` Section - KP3/33
  K.BELL.7 Rules for the Bell Ringers  
  K.BELL.8 Correspondence regarding Kingston Bells/Ringing  
  BT1.2 1611 Baptisms  
  BT1.3 1611 Weddings & Burials  
  BT1.4 1614 Baptisms  
  BT1.5 1617 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.6 1618 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.7 1623 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.8 1626 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.9 1629 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.10 1633 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.11 1633 Burials Continued  
  BT1.12 1634 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.13 1756 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.14 1757 Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.15 1758 Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.16 1759 Births, Baptisms, Marriages, no Burials  
  BT1.17 1759 cont`d. Marriages & Banns, Burials  
  BT1.18 1760 Births, Baptisms, Banns, Marriages, Burials  
  BT1.19 1761 Births, Baptisms only  
  BT1.20 1761 Burials only (no Marriages)  
  BT1.21 1762 Births, Baptisms, Banns only  
  BT1.22 1762 Burials  
    1763 to Easter Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials  
CD`s & DVD`s in box in c/board CD.1 Kingston School Reunion 15.09.07.(Superseded) now incorporated on CD.7
  CD.2 `Kingston Schooldays` prepared for School Reunion
  CD.3 Kingston Parish Newsletters April 2004 - Dec. 2007
  CD.4 `The Kingdom of Kingston` Pantomime 2008 Includes Programme
  CD.5 Fire Lads, Dolphin Chimney Fire, Fire Album, Fire Boys, History Photographs, Skatepark 2006  
  CD.6 General collection of photos.  
  CD.7 Photos. Of School Reunion Day 15.09.07 + display photos. + scanned photos. brought by attendees  
  CD.8 Flower Festival Kingston May 2007  
  CD.9 Kingston Parish Newsletters Jan. - Dec. 2008
  CD.10 TRIGGS FAMILY TREE by Rebecca L. Wilkerson  
  CD.11 Kingston Parish Newsletters Jan. - Dec. 2009
  CD.12 Kingston Parish Newsletters Jan. - Dec. 2010
  CD.13 Kingston in Photographs Bowls 2003-4, Cricket 2004, Devon Road Show, Fair -2001-2005, Floods 2002, Queens Jubilee 2002, Scobbiscombe BBQ 2004, Variety Show 2001, Xmas Boxes 2001
  CD.14 Kingston - Winter 2009/2010  
  CD.15 Ancient Gatepost at Lower Torr on Orcheton Road, bend past Cross Roads, Kingston Photographs by Carole Rolfe
  CD.16 Local Defence Volenteers - 1940-1941 Commanded by Lt. J. S Beard
  CD.17 Kingston Events in photographs - 2011 Royal Wedding Day, Cricket Match, Fun Day
  CD.18 Kingston Parish Newsletters Jan. - Dec. 2011
  CD.19 Kingston Parish Newsletters Jan. - Dec. 2012
  CD.20 Kingston Parish Newsletters Jan. - Dec. 2013
CELEBRATIONS / EVENTS K.Cel.1 Publication re. village celebrations 1977 2 COPIES
  K.Cel.2 Notice re. Rededication of War Memorial 1955  
  K.Cel.3 H.M.Petter`s notes  
  K.Cel.4 1953 Coronation - including accounts 1953 Coronation Newspaper account  
  K.Cel.5 Newpaper account and reminisces of 1937 Coronation - George VI and Elizabeth  
  K.Cel.6 Expenditure & memories of 1935 Silver Jubilee (George V and Mary)
  K.Cel.7 Memories of Coronation George V - 1911  
  K.Cel.8 Notes re. Coronation of Edward VII - 1902  
  K.Cel.9 Celebrating Grand National Winner of 1899 (Bulteel - Fleete)
  K.Cel.10 Newspaper account of Queen Victoria`s Diamond Jubilee - 1887  
  K.Cel.11 Raising money for Electric Light in Church in 1950`s  
SILVER JUBILEE K.Cel.12a Queen Elizabith II Silver Jubilee 1977  
  K.Cel.12a.1 Kingston Jubilee Concert and Flower Festival  
  K.Cel.12a.2 Official Order of Service  
  K.Cel.12a.3-21 Various correspondence  
  K.Cel.12a.22 Village Map  
  K.Cel.12a.23 List of Photographs  
  K.Cel.12a.24-27 Photographs  
  K.Cel.12a.28 Jubilee Special Paper  
  K.Cel.12a.29 South Hams Review of Jubilee  
GOLDEN JUBILEE K.Cel.12b.1 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee 2002  
  K.Cel.12b.2-9 Celebration of HM Queen Elabeth II  
  K.Cel.12b.10-12 Post Celebration Notes  
  K.Cel.12b.13 Post Committee Meeting Notes  
  K.Cel.12b.14-15 Draft Commentary  
  K.Cel.12b.16 Jubilee Party Form  
  K.Cel.12b.17 Jubilee Expenditure  
  K.Cel.12b.18 BBC - Music Live  
  K.Cel.12b.19 Certificate of Achievement  
  K.Cel.12b.20 Jubilee cuttings in Western Morning News  
  K.Cel.12b.21 Celebration Programme of Golden Jubilee - 2002  
  K.Cel.12b.22 Kingston`s Queen`s Golden Jubilee Celebrations Programme of Events
  K.Cel.12b.23 Golden Jubilee Summer Party  
  K.Cel.12b.24 Certificate - Golden Jubilee Summer Party  
  K.Cel.12b.25 `Golden Jubilee` Book details  
  K.Cel.12b.26 `Music Live` BBC  
  K.Cel.12b.27 `Spotlight` BBC TV  
  K.Cel.12b.28 Road Closures  
  K.Cel.12b.29 Insurance  
CELEBRATIONS / EVENTS K.Cel.13 The Farmer of Kingston  
  K.Cel.14 Ticket for 60`s music Dance - 1994  
  K.Cel.15 Ticket Red Nose Day - 1995  
  K.Cel.16 Line Dancing Poster - 1997  
  K.Cel.17 Jubilee Concert & Flower Festival Programme 1977  
  K.Cel.18 Kingston Variety Show Programme 1997  
  K.Cel.19 Kingston Village Fair DATE UNKNOWN
  K.Cel.20 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1989  
  K.Cel.21 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1990  
  K.Cel.22 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1991  
  K.Cel.23 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1992 MISSING
  K.Cel.24 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1993  
  K.Cel.25 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1994  
  K.Cel.26 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1995  
  K.Cel.27 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1996  
  K.Cel.28 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1997  
  K.Cel.29 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1998  
  K.Cel.30 Kingston Village Fair Programme 1999  
  K.Cel.31 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2000  
  K.Cel.32 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2001  
  K.Cel.33 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2002  
  K.Cel.34 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2003  
  K.Cel.34.1 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2004  
  K.Cel.34.2 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2005  
  K.Cel.34.3 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2006  
  K.Cel.34.4 Kingston Village Fair Programme 2007  
  K.Cel.35 Kingston Fair 2001 `Crosshands` Dance Rehearsal  
  K.Cel.36 `The Christening Party`  
  K.Cel.37 Meeting re. Millenium Celebrations (notes)  
  K.Cel.38 Extract from W.M. News 1953 - Celebrations in Village of Coronation  
  K.Cel.39 Programme - 2 Plays by Kingston Drama Group `Knit One, Purl One` and `Operation Cold Cure` 1954
  K.Cel.40 Fancy Dress Parade for Light Funds for Church Photograph 1950
  K.Cel.41 Kingston Carnival - August 1945 Photograph 'Uncle Tom Cobley'
  K.Cel.42 Coronation Celebrations Photograph 1932  
  K.Cel.43 Kingston Summer Playscheme Programme 2000, 2001, 2003
OFFICIAL OPENING OF READING ROOM EXTENSION K.Cel.44 Notes, letters, invites and newspaper cuttings regarding the official opening of the extension, of the Reading Room - 1996  
  K.Cel.45 Festival of Kingston Village Gardens Programme 25th June 1995
  K.Cel.46 Kingston W.I. Open Produce Show Programme 1995 Jun-05
  K.Cel.47 Kingston W.I. Open Produce Show Programme 1996  
  K.Cel.48 Kingston Village Open Produce Show Programme 1998  
  K.Cel.49 Pantomime : The Kingdom of Kingston - 2008 Programme plus photos from Gazette
  K.Cel.50 Pantomime : Ali Baba & The Four Tea Thieves - 2010  
  K.Cel.51 Pantomime : The Good, The Bad & The Panto - 2012 plus photo from Gazette 27.01.12
  K.Cel.51A Panomime : Once Upon A Time Programme
READING ROOM CENTENARY K.Cel.52 Centenary Celebrations for Kingston Reading Room Newspaper article (Gazette) February 10th 2012
FLOWER FESTIVAL 5-7 May 2007   SEE CHURCH SECTION K.Ch.4 Festival held in St. James the Less Church Kingston 2007 - See also small book of photographs marked KP3/87 in Cupboard, listed in photographs General Section
FLOWER FESTIVAL VISITORS BOOK 2007   SEE CHURCH SECTION K.Ch.5 Festival held in St. James the Less Church Kingston 2007
FLOWER FESTIVAL 2-4 May 1998   SEE CHURCH SECTION K.Ch.6 Festival held in St. James the Less Church Kingston 1998
CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL - 2008   Christmas Tree Service Sheet - SEE CHURCH SECTION K.Ch.7 Festival held in St. James the Less Church Kingston 2008 - See also Photograph Section KP3/88 for photos.
ROYAL WEDDING DAY - Prince William & Cate - 29-04-11   See Photographs in `Photograph General` Section See KP3/101
CENSUS Cen.1 H.M.Petter`s notes re. 1851 Census  
  Cen.2 H.M.Petter`s notes re. 1851 Census  
  Cen.3 H.M.Petter`s notes re. 1851 Census  
  Cen.4 H.M.Petter`s notes re. 1851 Census  
  Cen.5 H.M.Petter`s notes re. 1851 Census  
  Cen.6 H.M.Petter`s notes re. Tithe Map Tenants  
  Cen.7 H.M.Petter`s notes re. Tithe Map Tenants  
  Cen.8 Notes from 1826 Poor Rates  
  Cen.9 Names of residents from various directories  
  Cen.10 Notes re. information from 1851 Census  
  Cen.11 Notes re. ? Tithe Map  
  Cen.12 Print of 1881 Census  
  Cen.13 1950 Electors  
  Cen.14 1976 Electors  
  Cen.15 1977 Electors  
  Cen.16 1980 Electors  
  Cen.17 1983 Electors  
  Cen.18 1991 Register of Electors  
  Cen.19 1994 Register of Electors  
CHURCH - KINGSTON K.Ch.1.1 Mary Petter`s Notes re. Dates for Church  
  K.Ch.1.2 Documents deposited in D.R.O. by 31.12.78  
  K.Ch.1.3 List of volumes originally in Church  
  K.Ch.1.4 List of Kingston Church Records  
  K.Ch.1.5 List of Records  
  K.Ch.1.6 Items originally in Parish Chest (Box)  
  K.Ch.1.7 Kingston Church Records 25.01.79  
  K.Ch.1.8 Kingston Church Records continued  
  K.Ch.1.9 Kingston History Society Survey re. Church  
  K.Ch.1.10 Part of Kingston Histroy Society Survey  
  K.Ch.1.11 Part of Kingston Histroy Society Survey  
  K.Ch.1.12 Info. from Museum re. Church. Part of KHS survey  
  K.Ch.1.13 List of Ministers taking Baptisms 1814 - Jan.1865  
  K.Ch.1.14 Excerpts from Bishop Stafford`s register i.e. the new burial ground 1401/1402  
  K.Ch.1.15 Transcript of Glebe Terrier C1613  
  K.Ch.1.16 Transcript of Glebe Terrier with bounderies and Church rate. Early 17th Century  
  K.Ch.1.17 Bishop Carey`s questions & the Vicars replies 1821  
  K.Ch.1.18 List of Vicars and Rectors 1260 - 1866 also notes on the above  
  K.Ch.1.19 More notes on Vicars & Curators 1346 - 1939  
  K.Ch.1.20 List of Rectors and Vicars 1465 - 1880  
  K.Ch.1.20A List of Vicars served 1814 - 1865  
  K.Ch.1.21 Patrons and Clergy 1201 - 1796  
  K.Ch.1.22 Application to Bishop of Exeter from dissenters 02/08/1799  
  K.Ch.1.22a Notes re. rebuilding Vestry 1807  
  K.Ch.1.23 Specification by Edmund Sedding for restoration of Church prior to :-  
  K.Ch.1.24 Newspaper article W.M.N. 1893 on re-opening of Church also restoration of Parish Cross 22.08.1902 - C1881  
  K.Ch.1.25 Various photographs of Church, including interior  
  K.Ch.1.26 Notes from Kingston Parish Book 1887 - 1933  
  K.Ch.1.27 Notes from Kingston Preachers Book 1910 - 1921  
  K.Ch.1.28 Notes by F.J. Davidson on the Church. South Devon 1847  
  K.Ch.1.29 Ermington Church Guide and Photo and Notes  
  K.Ch.1.30 Church Bells - Rules for the Ringers.  
  K.Ch.1.31 Letter from Rev. George Corbett to H.M.Petter 16.01.79
  K.Ch.1.32 Letter from Rev. Scott re. draft for Church history 26.01.79
  K.Ch.1.33 Reply to above from Mary Petter 07.02.79  
  K.Ch.1.34 Newspaper Article - Kingsbridge Gasette 06.79  
  K.Ch.1.35 Notes on Kingston Church Plate  
  K.Ch.1.36 Church miscellaneous notes IN CHEST
  K.Ch.1.37 Memorial Service Sheet for Miss Helen Mary Petter MOVED TO MEMORIALS SECTION
  K.Ch.1.38 Memorial Service Sheet for Peter Joiner MOVED TO MEMORIALS SECTION
  K.Ch.1.39 Baptisms 1-100 IN CHEST
  K.Ch.1.40 Burials IN CHEST
  K.Ch.1.41 Vestry Meetings 1-54 IN CHEST
  K.Ch.2.1.1-16 (Part) Baptisms June 1635 - March 1733  
  K.Ch.2.2.1-6 Marriages 1631 - 1732  
  K.Ch.2.3.1-17A Burials 1630 - 1729, 1732 - 1813  
  K.Ch.2.4.1-20 Baptisms 1732 - 1814, 1827-1828  
  K.Ch.2.5.1-9 Marriages 1732 - 1836  
  K.Ch.2.6.1-11 Burials 1814 - 1837  
  K.Ch.2.7.1-1 Gravestones - Plan of Churchyard  
  K.Ch.2.7.1-2 Gravestones  
  K.Ch.2.7.1-3 Notebook with names + numbers of graves  
  K.Ch.3 Care of the Church by Wallace & Mary Freeman + photo. of organist Miss. M. G. Sowerby  
  K.Ch.4 Flower Festival Programme `High Days & Holy Days` Festival held in St. James The Less Church, Kingston - 2007
  K.Ch.5 Flower Festival Vistors Book 2007 Festival held in St. James The Less Church, Kingston - 2007
  K.Ch.6 Flower Festival Programme `Poetry & Prose` Festival held in St. James The Less Church Kingston - 1998
  K.Ch.7 Christmas Tree Service Sheet 14th December 2008 Christmas Tree photos - see photograph section KP3/88
  K.Ch.8 Booklet - Church of St. James the Less Kingston Updated 2009
  K.Ch.9 Notes on Church Font by Anne Scarratt - 2009  
  K.Ch.10 Grant given to St. James the Less by English Heritage & Heritage Lottery Fund. Newspaper cutting dated 2004
  K.Ch.11 Register of Marriages Book 1763 -1930 Hand-written copy - in filing cabinet in Reading Room
  K.Ch.12 photograph of the Vestry Screen Made by J. Warner in 1990 who is in the photograph
  K.Ch.13 Book showing repairworks to the Tower etc. in 2008 photographs etc. prepared by Andrew Wood - Ch. Architect
  K.Ch.14 St. James the Less Church, Kingston original photo. IN CHEST Dated 7th March 1900 owned by Miss Kingdom
  K.Ch.15 St. James the Less Church Kingston Restoration 1892 info. sent by David Cook 12.11.13 to Bob Beard
DEEDS K.D.1 3 Pages transcript/notes re. John Torr and Thomas Hackworthy C.1805-7. Deeds belong to Mrs. W. Stone
  K.D.2 7 pages ditto  
  K.D.3 Particular to Britannia Inn  
  K.D.4 Copy of deed re. (2004 East View Cottage)  
  K.D.5 1861 Indenture Triggs (photocopy)  
  K.D.6 1905 Sale of Poor House (photocopy)  
  K.D.7 Transcript & Photocopy of Deeds re. Ermington Chauntry House  
  K.D.8 Sir Charles Dilke to Mr. Philip Triggs  
  K.D.9 Deed in Latin copied by M. Petter C.1549  
  K.D.10 Indenture Edmund Parker of Borringdon - Charles II, c1675, 15th Year IN CHEST
  K.D.11 Kingston Deeds assessment for the Muster Oct.1715  
DIRECTORIES DIR.1 HMP`s notes from Kelly`s Directories 1850 - 1926  
  DIR.2 Poor Photocopies from some Kelly`s  
  DIR.3 Typed extract re. P.O.  
  DIR.4 Notes from Billings Directory  
  DIR.5 Kelly 1910  
  DIR.6 Kelly 1919  
ERMINGTON ERM.1 Transcription document dated 1549 re. tenements formerly belonging to Choir Ermington Church IN CHEST
  AND Assignment of Lease 1793 of part of CHAUNTRY HOUSE for 3 lives - later dates 1796, 1817, etc.  
  ERM.2.1-2 1564 Transcription of re. Lands & House called `BOUCHYNA HOUSE` once belonging to Monastery of `MONTAGUE` in Somerset + A4 photocopies IN CHEST
  ERM.3 Photocopy of undated document of "what belongs to the Vicarage of Ermington".Mentions glebe lands in Kingston. In the time of William Adams Curate. IN CHEST
FAIR EXHIBITION 2005 FE.2005.1 Trade & Industry in the Erme Estuary  
`Kingston and the Sea` FE.2005.2 Kingston 1841 Census  
  FE.2005.3 Salt Industry  
  FE.2005.3.1-2 Salt Pans  
  FE.2005.4 Entry in Parish Registers - daughter born to a Maltster, address Wonwell  
  FE.2005.5 1901 Accounts for 2 Shiploads of Coal  
  FE.2005.5.1 1901Accounts for 2nd Shipment of Coal  
  FE.2005.6 The Estuary Sand  
  FE.2005.7 Trade with France 1925  
  FE.2005.7.1-2 " "  
  FE.2005.8 Burning Kelp in Brittany  
  FE.2005.9 Kingston Fishermen loading their catch  
  FE.2005.10 Fishermen waiting for and Evening Breeze  
  FE.2005.10.1 " " "  
  FE.2005.11 Fishermen landing their catch  
  FE.2005.12 John King making a crab pot  
  FE.2005.12.1 John King  
  FE.2005.13 Salmon Fishery  
  FE.2005.14 Coastguards & Smugglers  
  FE.2005.14.1-4 Landing Smuggled Goods  
  FE.2005.15 Boats of the Preventative  
  FE.2005.16 Entry in Parish Register - daughter born to John King, who was involved in the Smuggling  
  FE.2005.17 Print of a Smuggler  
  FE.2005.18 Print of an Officer in the Preventative  
  FE.2005.19.1-5 Records in Parish Registers of children born to Preventative Men in Kingston and Mothecombe  
  FE.2005.20 An old Preventative Station  
  FE.2005.21 A half-anker spirit cask slung with ropes for sinking  
  FE.2005.22 Information regarding a Riding Officer  
  FE.2005.23.1-2 Kingston and the Sea background  
  FE.2005.24.1-3 History of Navy House & Navy Cottage - Kingston  
  FE.2005.25.1-6 Wrecks - information and pictures  
FAIR EXHIBITION 2006 FE.2006.1.1-7 `Grand National Celebration` 1899 - Horse - `Manifesto`. Owner - J. G. Bulteel 0 Fleet  
  FE.2006.1.1-8 `The Story of Manifesto` 11 PAGES
  FE.2006.2.1-2 John Rogers of Modbury`Stories of Kingston`  
  FE.2006.3.1 Notes by Les Terry about the Roads Circa 1928  
  FE.2006.4.1 `Finds` in Kingston from Terry Searle`s Scrapbook  
  FE.2006.5.1-3 Letter from Victor Harold Careless  
  FE.2006.5.4 Notes on Victor Harold Careless  
  FE.2006.6.1 Kingston Carnival 1951. The Poem `The Erme Fisherman`  
  FE.2006.7.1-2 Coal Deliveries to Wonwell pre. World War 1  
  FE.2006.8.1 Kingston Barn Dance - 1951  
  FE.2006.9.1 Postcard of Challaborough, before 1923  
  FE.2006.10.1 Mrs. Tewkesbury`s 100 Birthday 1954  
LAMINATED PHOTOS & DOCS     used in Exhibitions
  FILE 1 School & associated items of interest A3 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
  FILE 3 Local Families, People, Occupations & Football Team A3 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
  FILE 4 Pubs : The Dolphin & The Britannia Inn A3 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
  FILE 7 Fishing, & Photos of Wonwell & Mothecombe Beach A3 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
  FILE 9 Houses, aerial photograph of Kingston A3 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
  FILE 11 KLHS, Heritage Project, Maps & Website Information A4 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
  FILE 12 Poor Law, Home Guard Certificate, Poem & Notes - Win Terry, Letters & Memories A4 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
FAIR EXHIBITION 2007 FILE 14 `Kingston Rocks` `The Building Stones of Kingston` A4 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
RR CENTENARY EXHIBITION FILE 15 Kingston R.Room 11.02.2012, 1912 objectives/origins A4 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
KLHS AGM EXHIBITION 2013 FILE 16 Van Jones Exhibition Pictures and Information A4 FOLDER IN 3RD DRAWER OF FILING CABINET
FLOWER FESTIVAL - 2007   See Photographs in `Photographs General` Section See KP3/87
CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL - 2008   See Photographs in `Photographs General` Section See KP3/88 Nos. 1 - 23
`CALOR VILLAGE OF THE YEAR 2009`   See `News General` Section - Gazette Newspaper cuttings See KN.30
ROYAL WEDDING DAY - Prince William & Cate - 29-04-11   See Photographs in `Photograph General` Section See KP3/101
FAMILIES KF.1.1.0 BROOKING / LIGHT Kingston Families  
  KF.1.1.1 Family Tree  
  KF.1.1.2 Brookings / Lights from Registers plus 1787 apprenticeship of Ben Light`s maid Mary SEE ALSO FILE KF.2
  KF.1.2.0 EVENS / EVANS Kingston Families  
  KF.1.2.1 Family Tree  
  KF.1.2.2 Letter from M. Petter to Mr. Evans 4.09.81  
  KF.1.2.3 Notes by M.Petter & address of another of Evans family  
  KF.1.2.4 Baptisms, Marriages, Burials of Family 1630 -1836 2 PAGES
  KF.1.2.5 1851 Census refs.to Evens, Register entries of 1895  
  KF.1.2.6 Letter from M.J.Evans to M.Petter encl. Marriage Certificate copy of Evans to Mitchmore 1830 - 35 at Kingston  
  KF.1.2.7 2 Letters from M.Evans - 2nd. Enclosing his interpretation of family tree  
  KF.1.2.8 Evans Family tree, more census notes by M.Petter  
  KF1.3.0 TREBLE / TREBBLE / TRIBBLE Kingston Familes  
  KF1.3.1 South Devon Tribble Tree  
  KF1.3.2 Local Tribble Tree SEE ALSO KF1.6
  KF.1.4.0 TRIGGS Kingston Families MISSING FROM RECORDS ??
  KF.1.4.1 Reprint from Western Antiquary Vol.VII June 1887 - June 1888 "The Rev. Arthur Triggs"  
  KF.1.5.0 KING Kingston Families
  KF.1.5.1 Letter from P.Cove to M.Petter re. King Family  
  KF.1.5.2 Copy of William King`s Master Mariner Cert. 1857  
  KF.1.5.3 Copy of William King`s (son of above) Master Mariner Cert. 1865  
  KF.1.5.4 Copy of probate cert. re Sarah King`s 1st Will 1862  
  KF.1.5.5 Copy of William King`s 1st Will 1883/proving of it  
  KF.1.5.6 King Family Tree by Patricia Cove  
  KF.1.5.7 Visitors to Mr. & Mrs. John King from newspaper cutting re. longevity in Kingston
  KF.1.6.0 EDGECOMBE / LUCAS Kingston Families SEE ALSO REMINISCES K.REM.3.1 & K.REM.20
  KF.1.6.1 Letter to Julia Lucas 3rd March 1991  
  KF.1.6.2-3 Letter to Julia Lucas 17th March 1991  
  KF.1.6.4 Letter to Julia Lucas 27th March 1991  
  KF.1.6.5-6 Notes re. Edgecombe Family  
  KF.1.6.7 Julia Lucas / Edgecombe Family Tree  
  KF.1.6.8-10 Notes from Julia Lucas  
  KF.1.6.11 Letter from Julia Lucas 4th April 1991  
  KF.1.7.0 FROUDE Kingston Families Mostly rough notes NOT Chronologically sorted !
  KF.1.7.1 Notes re. Little Grey House in Modbury connected Thomas Froude 1687  
  KF.1.7.2 Benjamin Froude of Modbury 1805 ALSO FREEMAN / WISE / JULIAN FAMILIES
  KF.1.7.3 Baptisms 1732 -  
  KF.1.7.4 Part of Family Tree 1635 - 1750  
  KF.1.7.5 Part of Family Tree 1724 - 1759  
  KF.1.7.6 Baptisms 1698 - 1747  
  KF.1.7.7 Baptisms 1672 - 1695  
  KF.1.7.8 Baptisms 1635 - 1672  
  KF.1.7.9 Baptisms 1753 - 1796  
  KF.1.7.10 Marriages 1632 - 1729  
  KF.1.7.11 Burials 1635 - 1697  
  KF.1.7.12 Burials 1699 - 1729 (1808)  
  KF.1.7.13 Baptisms - various dates 2 YELLOW CARDS
  KF.1.7.14-15 Outline Family Tree  
  KF.1.7.16 Prelim History  
  KF.1.7.17 Another Part Outline Family Tree  
  KF.1.7.18 Marriages 1767 - 1835  
  KF.1.7.19 Ringmore Froude`s Baptisms 1719 - 1731  
  KF.1.7.20 Notes re. Family  
  KF.1.7.21 Outline Family Tree (3 Sheets) & ref. to 1770 Will of Robert Froude of Buckland-tout-Saints and earlier Wills (2 sheets)  
  KF.1.7.22 Letter with reference to the ROGERS family Letter from Mrs. Scott (nee Rogers)
  KF.2.1 Frontispiece to File by Hester Cattley  
  KF.2.2 Names on Trees  
  KF.2.3.1 TRIGG I  
  KF.2.3.2 TRIGG II  
  KF.2.3.3 TRIGG III  
  KF.2.4.1 LUGGER I  
  KF.2.4.2 LUGGER II  
  KF.2.4.3 LUGGER III  
  KF.2.5.1 TERRY I  
  KF.2.5.2 TERRY II  
  KF.2.5.2A Letter from Searle G. Terry  
  KF.2.5.3 TERRY III  
  KF.2.6.1 FREEMAN I  
  KF.2.6.2 FREEMAN II  
  KF.2.8.1 FOX  
  KF.2.9.1 TROUPE  
  KF.2.10.1 List of individual Families whose names appear in photocopies from Parish Registers 1 - 40  
  KF.2.11 Histories of Kingston Families 1690 - 1980 Compiled by Hester Cattley from Kingston Registers of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials. Kingston Census of 1851 - 1871. Ringmore Registers 1719 - 1814 Wallace Freeman`s Family Bible - Word of mouth  
  KF.2.12 Index`s Names of Village Residents - 1980  
  KF.2.13 Notes on `Edgecombe` Family  
  KF.2.14 Notes on `King` Family - Home Farm  
  KF.2.15 Notes on `Crocker` Family  
  KF.2.16 List of Families listed in Kingston and Surrounding area - compiled by Janet Farrage 2005  
  KF.2.17 Extract from Newspaper regarding Mr. W. H. Triggs death in Texas  
  KF.2.18 Short note regarding Kingston`s people  
  KF.2.19 Last Will & Testament of Samuel Hackworthy, administration granted to Mary Anne Tewksbury + e-mail from Cilla Dyson.  
  KF.2.20 History of Kingston Families 1690 - 1980 Compiled by Hester Cattley
  KF.2.21 History of the WILTON Family Compiled by Tom Wilton
  KF.2.22 History of JOHN MASTERS, born in Marlborough 1791 died in Kingston 1835 Compiled by Margaret Jarvis
FARMS FM.1 Scobbisombe Farm Archaeological & Historic Landscape Survey
  FM.1A Letter to Bob Beard regarding Scobbiscombe From Mr. Allen Isle of Man
  FM.2 Oakenbury Farm  
  FM.3 Leigh Farm, Leigh Barton, Churchstow Booklet, photos and Ordanance Survey Map
  FM.4 Torr Farm - Old Documents/Agreements on Tenancies. Supplied by LUSCOMBE Ken Prowse IN CHEST
  FM.5 Torr Down Farm - Old Documents/Agreements on Tenancies. Supplied by BY LUSCOMBE Ken Prowse IN CHEST
  FM.6 Clyng Mill Farm - Old Documents/Agreements on Tenancies. Supplied by LUSCOMBE Ken Prowse IN CHEST
FIELD WALK - NAPOLEONIC SIGNAL STATION. SCOBBISOMBE FARM 02.10.05.   Introduction - Kingston and the Napoleonic Wars. Guide  
  FW.1 Register of Birth - Mathias Johnson - Sailor. Son born at Signal Station
  FW. 2A-D Optical Telegraphs  
  FW.3A-B Hill Top Telegraphsl  
  FW.4 Map showing Kingston Signal House  
  FW.5 Map showing outlying areas  
  FW.6 Arial survey map - 1946  
  FW.7A-B Arial survey maps  
  FW.8A Exploded map of Signal House  
  FW.8B Arial map  
  FW.9 Recommended Signals Book `Military Signals from the South Coast`  
  FW.10 Archaeological Site Map  
  FW.11 Letter (18.06.03) to Wilf Walters re: Signal Station  
  FW.12 Letter (20.08.03) to Wilf Walters re: Signal Station  
  FW.13 Plans of Signal House on South Ground  
  FW.14 Letter (26.09.03) to Wilf Walters re: Signal Station  
  FW.15 Poor Law Accounts with ref. to Mathias Johnson  
  FW.16 Ref. to Mathias Johnson as Ship Keeper in 1871 Census  
FIRE STATION   Yellow Folder with M. Freeman who also has most records. Refer to Publications in this listing - Kingston Fire Station 1949 - 2007
  FS.1 Bundle of letters re. building extension  
  FS.2 Bus shelter plans  
  FS.3 Photograph  
  FLETE.1.1 Title Page IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.2-3 Description Interior including Offices IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.4 Description of Gardens, Grounds etc. incl.gross rental IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.5 Acreages/rentals/of lands incl. those in Yealmpton, Ermington and Modbury IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.6 Cont. of Modbury & lands in Holbeton (part) Part Ramsland Farm IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.7 Ramsland (Cont.) Addistone, Haswell, Way & Butland Farm IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.8 Addistone, lands of all four. Hollowcombe Farm part IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.9 Hollowcombe Cont. Stiode Farm (part) IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.10 Stiods Farm Cont. Lower Stiode & The Fawn Farm (part) IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.11 Fawn Farm Cont. incl. South Ley Farm, Great Orcheton Farm (part) IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.12 Great Orcheton Farm Cont. & Orcheton Mill IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.13 Little Orcheton Farm & the Hole & Flete Farms part IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.14 The Hole & Flete Farms Cont. & part Ford Farm IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.15 Ford Farm Cont. & Brownswell Farm (part) IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.16 Brownswell Farm Cont. The "George" Public House Holbeton (part) IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.17 The George Public House Cont. "Small substantial Dwelling House in Village of Holbeton" & a "Small Farm Homestead in the Village of Holbeton" (part) IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.18 Small Homestead cont., a Double Cottage & a small holding. IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.19 Small agricultural holdings in Parishes of Holbeton & Ermington IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.20 Various cottages, tenements, barns in Ermington & Holbeton incl. "New Inn" IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.21 More cottages etc. incl. Blacksmith`s shop in Holbeton & cottages etc. at Ford IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.22 Cottages etc. in Manor of Holbeton & in Manor of Fleet Damerell IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.23 Land & Cottages in Holbeton & Ermington - Holbeton Wood. Commuted tithes in Holbeton & Ermington IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.24 Chief rents in all Manors IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.25 Manorial Rights & Privileges & Annual Charges IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.26 Torr Wood Teahouse, part of Flete Estate IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.27 History of Fleet House and Fleet Estate IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.28 History of the Splatt Family who bought Fleete in 1864 IN CHEST
  FLETE.1.29 Bulteel household at Pamflete Manor Census shows a large amount of staff
FOOTBALL CLUB FC.l Photo and names ?  
  FC.2 Various notes and photos  
  FC.3 Various photos  
  FC.4 Kingston Rovers P & D.L. South Hams Winners Div. II - Vivian Cup, Youth Cup - 1950
  FC.5 Match Programme Kingston v Goring Rangers FC 21.05.95
QUIZ 20.10.05 Q.?`s Quiz questions  
  Q.1-16 Quiz questions  
  Q.A`s Quiz answers  
  Q.Objects Objects quiz answers 1-16  
QUIZ Christmas 2006 Q.?`s Quiz questions  
  Q.1-18 Quiz questions  
  Q.A`s Quiz answers  
QUIZ October 2007 1 -20 Identifying photographs complete with answers + photographs of local villages
QUIZ Christmas 2011 1-20 Identifying photographs complete with answers photographs in Kingston
  KHS.1 Letter 1968 re. deposit of 4 Volumes of Surveyors of overseers accounts 1689 -1712; 1786 - 1837 & 8 Volumes of Surveyors of the Highways accounts 1841 - 1850 in Devon Record Office  
  KHS.2 History of Kingston via Gabberwell Cottages by Heather Freeman 1992  
  KHS.3 1992 Structure Plan - Kingston  
  KHS.4 Notes re. 1977 History Society Exhibition  
  KHS.5 Obituary of Eric Cattley 1995  
  KHS.6 List of Contents of Parish Tin Box  
  KHS.7 Obituary of H.M.Petter  
  KHS.8 Formation of Kingston History Society  
HISTORY SOCIETY CHRISTMAS SOCIAL - 2010 KHS.9 Song Sheet of `Songs of the War` plus photos. of our guests and Musicians for the evening  
VISIT TO THE CITADEL KHS.10 Photographs from Visit - 2007 ?.  
VISIT TO SHILSTONE 2010 KHS.11 Photos. of visit & Leaflet on a brief History of Shilstone  
CREAM TEA 2010 KHS.12 Photos. of H.S. Members at Margaret & John Cocks  
EXHIBITION IN 2007 KHS.13 Photo of History Society Committee  
  KHS.14 Past Treasurers Reports & Heritage information IN FILING CABINET IN READING ROOM
  KHS.15 Basket of Miss Petters Notes IN FILING CABINET IN READING ROOM
  KHS.16 Minutes/Correspondence From the beginning of KHS 1977-1994, 2004-2009 IN FILING CABINET IN READING ROOM
HOUSE SURVEY HS.MISC Notes of Survey includes 35mm photos of houses + 4 CD`s
  HS.1 CHURCH -Vicarage Farm to Church Park  
  HS.3 ROBINS FARM - Chapel Row to Robins Close includes resume of Colin Laurence in Kingston 1940`s Includes letters to Mr. Hone + transcripts of letters
  HS.4 LANGS FARM - Trebles Cottage to Morgans Row includes letter etc. from Major Bickford who stayed at Trebles Cottage in 1982
  HS.5 WALKSPOOL - Walkspool to the Bungalow  
  HS.6 HOME FARM - Home Farm to Springfield  
  HS.7 HEADTOWN - Ridgeway to Cherry Tree Close  
  HS.7/12 2 pages of photos showing sequence of thatching at FARRIERS COTTAGE in 2012. Included is a photo of childs bonnet and information regarding it. childs bonnet found in the old thatching to ward off evil spirits according to the Curator of Totnes Fashion & Textiles Museum. ACTUAL BONNET AND A COPY OF INFORMATION IS IN FILING CABINET IN READING ROOM
  HS.8 TORR - Great Torr to Pipers Cross  
  HS.9 LONG GEORGE - Long George to Jarfin  
  HS.10 OUTLYING - Langston to Torr Down  
  HS.11 WONWELL BEACH including info. regarding Torr Wood Teahouse
  HS.15 FLETE  
MAPS (KINGSTON) KM.1 David & Charles facsimile of S. Devon & Cornwall 1809 Map revised to 1860`s IN CHEST
  KM.2 Copy of S. part of Robert Morden`s Map of Devonshire 1695 IN CHEST
  KM.3.1-4 incl. Copies of part Benjamin Donn`s Map 1765 showing Kingston IN CHEST
  KM.4.1-6 incl. Portions of O.S. Devonshire Sheet CXXX1.7 Second Edition IN CHEST
  KM.5.1-5 2" Drg. No. 20 L.8013 Surveyors drg. for 1st O.S. Map Date of Survey 1803 -1804 IN CHEST
  KM.6.1 1809 O.S. Map - photocopy part IN CHEST
  KM.7.1 Part of Map of 1827 from Survey made 1805 & 1806 by C & J.Greenwood IN CHEST
  KM.8.1-2 20th Cent. O.S. Map showing boundary stones IN CHEST
  KM.9.1 20th Century O.S. Map showing parish boundary IN CHEST
  KM.10.1 Parish Boundary until 1885 IN CHEST
  KM.10.2 Parish Boundary 1885 1986 IN CHEST
  KM.10.3 Parish Boundary from 1986 IN CHEST
  KM.11 Medieval Kingston Map c. 1200-1600 IN CHEST (2 COPIES)
  MEM.9 Memorial Service ARTHUR `RALPH` ATKINSON - November 2012 together with a copy of a Tribute to Ralph from Ian Atkinson, Ralph`s Son. IN BLUE PLASTIC FOLDER IN CUPBOARD
  MEM.10 Memorial Service MARGARET `GRET` ATKINSON - May 2013 together with a copy of a Tribute to Gret from Ian Atkinson, Gret`s Son. IN BLUE PLASTIC FOLDER IN CUPBOARD
MILITARY K.MIL.1 Photo of Kingston War Memorial  
  K.MIL.2 P/copy of Home Guard Cert. of Thanks 1940 - 1944  
  K.MIL.3 Photocopy of photo of Home Guard  
  K.MIL.4 Memories of Home Guard written 1979  
  K.MIL.5 Memories of Fifth Buffs Regiment stationed at Wonwell 1940 - 1945  
  K.MIL.6 Photo of `Devonshire Boys` Courage 1690`  
  K.MIL.7 Typed notes from `Training of B. Army 1715 - 1795  
  K.MIL.8 Various notes of Militia by Mary Petter  
  K.MIL.9 Notes by M. Petter re. Jacobite Rebellions  
  K.MIL.10 Notes re. Devon Militia etc.  
  K.MIL.11.1 Notes re. Devon Militia etc.  
  K.MIL.11.2 Kingston Defended - H. M. Petter 1985  
  K.MIL.12 Photographs of the Buffs billeted in Kingston 1941 With Mrs. May
MISCELLANEOUS MISC.1 West Country Bygones 104p Souvenir IN CHEST (Weston Evening Herald 15.11.82)
  MISC.2 Devon Scrapbook 8 issues (W. Morning News 1982) IN CHEST
  MISC.3.1-21 Census Returns for Kingston 1871 IN CHEST
  MISC.4.1-28 Census Returns for 1851 IN CHEST
  MISC.4.1.29 Description of Enumeration District IN CHEST
  MISC.5 Measurement of roads belonging to Aveton Gifford June 1837 IN CHEST
  MISC.6.1-2 Coal Accounts 1961 IN CHEST
  MISC.7 Survey of Manor of Kingston 1787 IN CHEST
  MISC.8.1 Devon Muster Cert. for 1715 photocopy IN CHEST
  MISC.8.2 Hundred of Ermington 1596 Muster Roll for Kingston IN CHEST
  MISC.8.3 Devon Muster Roll for 1569 ed. A. J. Howard & L. Stone 1977 excerpt IN CHEST
  MISC.9.1-12 W.1. Field Names IN CHEST
  MISC.9A Mary Petter`s Sketch Book & sketches from photos IN CHEST
  MISC.9A.1 Sketch Book IN CHEST
  MISC.9A.2 View of Main Street + photocopy IN CHEST
  MISC.9A.3 Sorting potatoes IN CHEST
  MISC.9A.4 Farriers IN CHEST
  MISC.9A.5 Children in front of Church IN CHEST
  MISC.9A.6 Lobster Pots - Jack King`s sheds IN CHEST
  MISC.10.1-4 Questionaire re. Parish of Kingston - undated but answered by Rev. Dr. Cholinch - Rector of Ermington & Kingston. Neg. copy as above 4 pages IN CHEST
  MISC.11.1 Description of Kingston, Wonwell,` Rinmore`, Okenbury, Arme River, Armouth - undated IN CHEST
  MISC.11.2 Description of various owners of Kingston, Wonwell, `Ridmore` and Bigbury - undated - negative IN CHEST
  MISC.12.1 Agreement to open a Telegraph Office in Kingston Post Office 1904 IN CHEST
  MISC.12.2 Agreement to open Money Order & Savings Bank Business in 1907 in Kingston Post Office IN CHEST
  MISC.13 Early Dates IN CHEST
  MISC.13.1 Doomsday & later references to Okenbury IN CHEST
  MISC.13.2 Early History of Kingston IN CHEST
  MISC.13.3 Kingston Charter History IN CHEST
  MISC.13.4 Kingston defended information IN CHEST
  MISC.14 Charterlands Poem by D.G. Drowley IN CHEST
  MISC.15 Resume of Kingston from Devon Record Office Book IN CHEST
  MISC.16 History & Occupants of Chapel Row IN CHEST
  MISC.17 Reading Room Ruth Curtis Secretary for 33 years Article in Gazette March 1992 IN CHEST
  MISC.18 A School Project of Kingston`s History by Robert Lee aged 8/9 - 1991 approx. Kingston resident Janet Gilbreath`s nephew BLACK BOOK IN CUPBOARD
  MISC.19 Copies of photos. and newspaper cuttings re. Kingston villagers - donated by Doreen Edwards IN CHEST
  MISC.20 'The Recorder' - Kingsbridge History Society FINAL COPY - IN CHEST
  MISC.21 Walking in Kingston Leaflets - 2009 Three leaflets covering six different walks. IN CHEST
  MISC.22 Letters from Georgina Mann (nee Mayo) to Jennie Stanley with memories of her stay with Mr. & Mrs. Willcocks at Wonwell Court during the 2nd World War Letters dated Jan. 2009 - Copies of her postcards are in Section KP - 'Kingston Photographs - General' IN CHEST
  MISC.23 Kingston Parish Council Accounts - 1977 IN CHEST
  MISC.24 Kingston Reading Room Accounts - 1975,1982-83 IN CHEST
  MISC.25 Kingston Youth Club Treasurers Report 1975 IN CHEST
  MISC.26 Weekly Tallies - Erme 1958/59 Weekly Tallies - Plym Erme 1960/61 Weekly Tallies - Plym Erme 1961/62 Weekly Tallies - Plym Erme Forrest 1959/60 IN ENVELOPE IN CHEST
  MISC.27 Note found in bottle built into the wall of Kingston Village Shop Shop rebuilt in April 1875. Note written by Ebenezer Pearce - 19 years old in the 4th year of his apprenticeship IN CHEST
  MISC.28 Kingston Youth Club` Minute Books` 1981-1989 and 1989 - 2002 IN CHEST
  MISC.28A Kingston Playing Field Documents that were given to Kingston Youth Club in 1994 IN CHEST
  MISC.29 `Active Kingston` Documents IN ENVELOPE IN CHEST
  MISC.30 Methodist Church Minute Book - Kingston IN ENVELOPE IN CHEST
  MISC.31 Kingston Rate Books - C1845, 1849-50 IN CHEST
  MISC.32 Past Treasurers Reports & Heritage information NOW LISTED IN Kingston History Society as KHS.14
  MISC.33 Basket of Miss Petters Notes NOW LISTED IN Kingston History Society as KHS.15
  MISC.34 Inter-Parish Quiz Ken West Plate Final Programme 15th May 2012 - Kingston Won IN CHEST - see also Photograghs General KP3/102
  MISC.35 Document about DARTMOOR written by Sue Davan 12th October 2001 IN CHEST
MISC. NOTES BY H. M. PETTER MN.1-8 Photocopy of `The 100 of Ermington in Early times` - O. J. Reichel  
  MN.9 Register of (Bishop) Edmund Stafford  
  MN.10 Polewhele - History of Devonshire 1793 1806  
  MN.11 Devon ??? Sub. Rolls p/copy of Kynggeston Parish  
  MN.12 Extract from Feet of Fines 1272 - 1369  
  MN.13 Kingston c.1750 by Jeremiah Milles  
  MN.14 Chronology of History of Kingston with refs.  
  MN.15 Mortality Figures for Kingston 1630 - 1729  
  MN.16 Notes on Rate Book 1849  
  MN.17 Notes on Houses on 25" map & on Tithe Map or no. on 25" map  
  MN.18 Notes from Feudal Aids 1284 - 1431  
  MN.19 List of documents seen 6.6.81 at E.D.R.O.  
  MN.20 Occupations from Whites Directory 1850  
  MN.21 Notes re. leases in 18th Century, seen in D.R.O.  
  MN.22 Notes from W.R.O. mainly re. Wills  
  MN.23 Notes on Doomesday from V.C.H.  
  MN.24 Index to Kingsbridge Gazelle ref. to Kingston 1857 - 1899
  MN.25 Local Government order 1885 re. organisation of boundaries  
  MN.26 Various notes  
  MN.27 Various notes  
  MN.28 Notes re. documents seen on Tithes  
  MN.29 Various notes  
  MN.30 Dissolution Values Exeter Religious Houses  
  MN.31 Notes from Cal. Charter Rolls - Edward II --------  
  MN.32 Letters re. Hatch Arundel near Av. Gifford  
  MN.33 Extracts from Cal. Of Close Rolls 1431 ------  
  MN.34 Notes made on contents of (?) Milles Parochial Collections Hi - Pa & Milles Devonshire MSS ? Devon Record Office  
  MN.35 Lady Spencer-Churchil College of Education List of Occupational and Social Groupings  
  MN.36 Notes on Beaches  
  MN.37 Related expenses to the Constabulary etc.  
  MN.38 List of Fathers Occupations for Children Baptised between 1814 - 1865  
  MN.39 Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Miss. Helen Mary Petter January 2006  
  MN.40 Notes on History of Kingston  
MODBURY MOD.1.1-19 H.M. Petter`s transcript of Memories of a Modbury Man - Rev. C. E. Green  
  MOD.2.1-11 Ditto & short pamphlets on Harvest Home, Bells, The Fair and Thomas Savery  
  MOD.3.1-10 Letters & info. Re. Modbury Society to H. M. Petter  
  MOD.4 Looking Back 1978 - 1997 Staff at Modbury School  
  MOD.5 Oldaport Notes original notes owned by Eileen Freeman
  MOD.6 Memories of the Second World War by Members of the Modbury Local History Society Edited by W. Scarratt 2009
NEWS KN.1 Gazette 27.9.74 - reports of 100 years before OLD NEWSPAPERS
  KN.2 Extracts from 1889  
  KN.3 S. D. Journal 1970  
  KN.4 Searle Terry re. "Armouth" 1951  
  KN.5 General re. Kingston 1977  
  KN.6 Indexes to K.B. Gazette & References to Kingston  
  KN.7 Copy of Western Evening Herals 22.4.1895  
  KN.8 100 years Souvenir Special 1895 - 1995 Death of Victoria 1901  
  KN.9 Evening Herald `95 re. Cross Hands Dance  
  KN.10 Western Morning News `98 Fears of Cliff collapse  
  KN.11 Terry Searle`s Scrap Book 36 PAGES IN CHEST
  KN.12 1956 Anecdote re. Cat.  
  KN.13 1951 BBC recording in Kingston  
  KN.14 1946 Village Wedding (Wilcocks/Freeman)  
  KN.15 1972 Tree planting  
  KN.16 1972 Article about Silver Tokens  
  KN.17 1980 Reviews of `Kingston, A.S.H.Village  
  KN.18 1977 Tracking Cross Hands Dance  
  KN.19 1977 re. Exhibition which started K.H.S. & K.S.H.Village book  
  KN.20 1978 Article about Snowdrifts  
  KN.21 Exhibition re. life in 1900`s  
  KN.22 Cuttings re. murder on cliffs 1981  
  KN.23 1992 Ann Headon & Neil Williams taking over Dolphin  
  KN.24 Extract frpm Gazette & Chronicle 1992 re.Ruth Curtis stepping down as Secretary of Reading Room  
  KN.25 Article written by Chris Freeman re. `Too Late to save our Villages` - 1986  
  KN.25.1 Letter asking for Hair Oil to be sent to Kington 1863 from T. Terry - Britannia Inn  
  KN.25.2 Pictures of Patchwork Quilt made for Bell Fund  
  KN.25.3 Village Appraisal 2001  
  KN.25.4 Photocopy of Bigbury Dialect Booklet 1969  
  KN.25.5 Letter from H.M. Petter to Editor re. A South Hams Village  
  KN.25.6 Letter to H.M. Petter re. Prof. Hoskin`s & 5 Stones Cross etc.  
  KN.25.7 1993 Description of Kingston`s Farms  
  KN.25.8 One copy of Original `Kingston Guide`  
  KN.25.9 Re. Eclipse First Day Cover  
  KN.25.10 Re. Chris Denham 2005  
  KN.26 Newspaper article of Kingston Fair 2005 and photo of Royal Family + newspaper cutting on the Fair "HMS KINGSTON" MAKING WAVES
  KN.27 Gazette 1991 `Good Life of the South Hams` History Gazetteer directory of Devon William White 1878-79
  KN.28 Calor Gas Devon Village of the Year 2008 Calor Gas Village of the Year 2009, Weston Region Calor Gas Village of the Year - 'Best in the West' Gazette Aug. 2008, Western Morning News Sept. 2008 Gazette May 2009 Gazette July, 2009
  KN.29 Preserving the Folk Music of the West. Charlie Edwards recorded a Folk song in the Dolphin
  KN.30 Events and news in Kingston - 1954 - 1959 Newspaper cuttings from Gazette (copies) Pages 1-17
  KN.31 Renovation of 'The Old Chapel' Kingston Newspaper cutting from the Telegraph 2009
  KN.32 Kingston Fire Station`s Open Day, celebrating the 60th Anniversary. 1949 - 2009 Newspaper cuttings September 2009 + POSTER
  KN.33 Kingston Cross-hands Dance - 'Tracking it down' Newspaper article December 1977
  KN.34 Various newspaper cuttings on Kingston news  
  KN.35 Article on Margaret Lorenz who has been connected with Cookworthy Museum for 36 years Newspaper article November 2007
  KN.36 Gret & Ralph Atkinson of Kingston celebrate their 60th and their 65th Wedding Anniversary Newspaper articles November 2005 and 2010
  KN.37 Grand Opening of Kingston Play Park Newspaper article 29th October 2010
  KN.38 Newspaper cutting by Helen Brown re Fair 2010  
  KN.39 Newspaper cutting, gun accident to Don Lugger 1954
  KN.40 Newspaper cutting, Major Basil Curtis life in his book + announcement of his death - 2003 2002
  KN.41 Coffee Morning at Gret Atkinson`s House 2003, 2004 in support of Macmillan Cancer Relief
  KN.42 Gold coin found in wall of Robins Cottage,Kingston found in 1954 reported in newspaper 2004
  KN.43 Newspaper cuttings Produce Show 2003 - 2005 + Entries & Prizes Booklet for 2003  
  KN.44 Newspaper cutting - Play Area Campaign 2004 + Doug Swain has his hair cut to raise money for Skate-boarding equipment Skateboard Park
  KN.45 Newspaper article man rescued from River - Bob Musk  
  KN.46 Newspaper article `Delving into the Past` 2005 Kingston Village History brought to life in an updated Publication by KLHS
  KN.47 Newspaper articles - Chris Denham of Kingston travelling to West Africa in an old converted Ice Cream Van for charity 2005
  KN.48 Newspaper article - Sally Denham of Kingston and her work for Oxfam  
  KN.49 Newspaper article - George Grace of Kingston in County Swimming Championships - 2005  
  KN.50 South Hams Carers give cheque to Devon Air Ambulance Newspaper cutting 2006
  KN.51 `The Old Boots` Walking Team success for charity Newspaper cutting 2006
  KN.52 2 Kingston Scouts chosen to celebrate 100 years of the Scout Movement Newspaper cutting showing Katy Watkins, Stephanie Swain of Kingston & Ethan Parsons 2006
  KN.53 Kingston`s Chris Denham article on 3 Grumpy Old Men in a Boat Herald article 2007
  KN.54 Kingston`s Richard Walters raising turkeys from 12 years old Newspaper article 2007
  KN.55 Kingston`s George Grace swimming accomplishment Newspaper articles 2007
  KN.56 Article re. `Roger Lowe Campaign` in memory of Roger Lowe who died in 2006 Newspaper article 2007
  KN.57 Farmer John Tucker - valentine gesture for his wife Newspaper article Feb. 14 2003
  KN.58 Article on Slapton Sands from `The Wartime News` Dated May 1999
  KN.59 Newspaper cuttings of Kingston Short Mat Bowls Club winning the Knockout Cup Trophy - 2011 See KP3/43A in Black Plastic Folder in Cupboard
  KN.60 Newspaper article on Kingston `Royal Wedding Day` Gazette 06.05.11
  KN.61 Gret Atkinson receives a plaque from David Carter for her 20 years service to the `Morning Market` Gazette 29.04.11
  KN.62 Village Weekend - 05.05.11 to Brittany, France Gazette 13.05.11
  KN.63 Gazette article re.Kingston Villager Penny McFarlane and her friendJenny Harvey who have co-written an educational book Book Title is - Dreamatherapy and Family Therapy in Education.
  KN.64 Gazette article re. WW2 Memories of Viv Freeman`s Father Wallace Sydney Freeman Written byViv Freeman
  KN.65 Gazette article re. Memories, during & after the WW2 Written by Jennie Stanley
  KN.66 Gazette article re. Wartime Evacuation of the Villages around Slapton  
  KN.67 Gazette article re. Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
  KN.68 Gazette article re. Hallsands great disaster in 1917  
  KN.69 Gazette article re. Sailors from Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth escorting the Royal Barge during the Diamond Jubilee river Pageant Sub-Lieutenant Matthew Brown, from Kingston, was in one of the Pickett Boats surrounding the Royal Barge
  KN.70 Gazette article re. Margaret (Gret) Atkinson of Kingston and her Son Mike - memories of the 1969 Paraplegic Games at Stoke Mandeville  
  KN.71 Gazette article on Van Jones - Local Artist Delving into the Past - Gazette 02.08.2013
  KN.72 Newspaper articles/documents re. First Day Cover of Total Eclipse 11th August 1999  
NEWS LETTERS - KINGSTON   1977 - 1987 IN CHEST missing nos. 2,20,21,54
    1988 - 1997 COMPLETE IN CHEST
    1998 - 2004 COMPLETE IN CHEST
    April 2004 - December 2007 ON DISC. See CD.3 on CD Listing
    January - December 2008 ON DISC. See CD.9 on CD Listing
    January - December 2009 ON DISC. See CD.11 on CD Listing
    January - December 2010 ON DISC. See CD.12 on CD Listing
    January - December 2011 ON DISC. See CD.18 on CD Listing
    January - December 2012 ON DISC. See CD.19 on CD Listing
    January - December 2013 ON DISC. See CD.20 on CD Listing
ORAL HISTORY OH.1 Notes from Devon about making Oral History Records  
BALE Mary (nee Knapman) KP3/0 Parents William Francis Knapman & Doris Truscott. (RoM 1.27 no 15) Grandparents Truscotts (school master & mistress)
BAZELEY Miss KP3/1 Lived at Homecroft  
BURN George KP3/28 At Scobbiscombe  
COX, George KP3/1A 1975 Clyng Mill  
CROCKER KP3/2 Photo taken on wedding day 1888. SEE ALSO FAMILY FILE - KF2.3.1
Charles (father)   RoM 1.22 (no 92)  
& Sarah Jane (mother - nee Triggs)      
CROCKER KP3/2 Bill photos as baby, & in 1919, 1932, 1987 SEE ALSO FAMILY FILE - KF2.3
William Harry (Bill) born 1902 (son of Charles)   SAR 128 (admitted 1905 left 1915)  
CROCKER KP3/2   [Bill’s 1st wife Mabel Edgecombe m.1930
William with Evelyn (Bill’s 2nd wife)     RoM 1.30 (no 49)]
      Evelyn Crocker was last teacher at Kingston school
& HARTLAND,J (Bill’s sister)     SEE ALSO FAMILILY FILE - KF2 3
CROCKER KP3/2   Group photo
Charles & Sarah Jane (parents)      
Dave (Charles’s brother)      
William (Bill, son),      
Marjorie (Bill’s sister born 1903)   Marjorie SAR 147 (admitted 1906 left 1916)  
Susan Ann (Bill‘s sister born 1905),   Susan SAR (admitted 1909 left 1919)  
Walter & William ??      
Baby Alec (grandson)   SAR 358 (admitted 1923) Another son Richard John born 1896 SAR 39 (admitted 1899) died 1907
EDGECOMBE, Frederick KP3/3 RoM 1.25 (no 128) Fred ran shop 1880 -1910. Churchwarden & clerk parish
& first wife (Annie Triggs) & Mabel (child) born 02.03.1908 KP3/14 RoM 1.30 (no 49) Mabel became 1st Mrs William Crocker (see KP3/2)
EDGECOMBE, Mabel KP3/3 SAR 214 (admitted 1911 left 1912 to go into service) 1930 Photo on her wedding day with father & sister Blanche
(born 1908)      
EDGECOMBE, Tom (Fred`s Brother) & Emma (Wife) KP3/4 Outside East View /Thurloes Witnesses to Ada Mary Edgecombe’s wedding RoM 1.27 (no 19)
EDGECOMBE, Mrs. KP3/4A Mrs. Edgecombe with daughter Julie & step=daughters Mabel and Elsie  
EDWARDS, Polly KP3/5 1933/4 photo outside 5 Chapel Row  
& her sister Susan Masters      
& Alf Edwards’s wife Rose & baby Sidney (born 1934)   Sidney SAR 530 (admitted 1939 left 1945 to go to Modbury)  
EDWARDS, Tom   At Park View (with dart board)  
(Pollys husband)      
EDWARDS, Tom KP3/ 5 RoM 1.25 (122) SEE ALSO FAMILY FILE - KF.2.11 With brothers Lionel & Charlie
(Polly’s son)      
& Emily Olive (wife - nee Leat)      
& children…      
Alf (born 1911)..   Alf SAR 249 (1914 - 1925) Frank & Doris still in Kingston
Frank (born 1923)..   Frank SAR 403 (1927 -1929)  
Doris (born 1924)   Doris SAR 419 (1929 -?)  
EDWARDS, Tom KP3/27 At Clyng Mill  
  KP3/28 At Scobbiscombe  
& Carrie (wife) KP3/6    
FOX, George (born 1852) KP3/7 George married Mary Elizabeth Hackworthy. 1 photo outside Fortescue
(father of Alfred)     2 outside Bay Cottage
& son Robert   Robert married Clara Jarvis (1931) See also Family File KF2.8.1
FREEMAN’s 1      
FREEMAN, (LIGHT FREEMAN) KP3/8 Great grandfather Viv Freeman See also Family File KF2.3 and KF2.6.1
& daughter Margaret   Margaret married John Terry 7.10.1918 RoM 1.27 (18)
FREEMAN, Fred KP3/8 In Boer war uniform. Married Jessie Freeman
(son of Benjamin)     See also Family File KF2.3, KF2.9, KF2.6.1
FREEMAN’s 2      
FREEMAN, John KP3/9 John, Sidney & Henry (Harry) all brothers unmarried See also Family File KF2.6.1
FREEMAN, Sidney KP3/9 Group photo of sailors. Sidney drowned at sea - unmarried
FREEMAN, Henry (Harry) KP3/9 Married Emma Tewkesbury 11.4 1898 RoM 1.24 (112)
FREEMAN, Melina KP3/9 Melina married Leslie Troup  
Henry (Harry)’s daughter   RoM 1.28 (31)  
Tewkesbury, Mr. & Mrs. KP3/9 Harry Freeman’s parents in law  
FREEMAN, Harry KP3/9A Mrs. & Mrs. Harry Freeman kept The Dolphin Inn in the 1920`s
FREEMAN’s 3      
FREEMAN KP3/ 10   Brothers & Sisters?
Jim, Bill, Charlotte, Annie      
FREEMAN, Sam KP3/11 Outside Thurloes  
FREEMAN’s 4      
FREEMAN, Bessie KP3/12 Ringmore  
FREEMAN’s 5      
FREEMAN, Olive (Mother) KP3/13   See also Family File KF2.8.1
Joyce (daughter)      
Elizabeth (grandmother nee Fox)      
E-Van JONES KP3/13A Local Artist - possibly outside `Langs`or `Vicarage Farm` On his way to `Paint`
HEHIR Joseph Henry & wife Emily Gladys (nee Edgecombe) KP3/14 Married 27.9. 1902 RoM 1.24 (119) also enclosed is the Obituary of Joseph Henry Hehir taken from the Buchan Observer on the 26.01.1932 + letter from Lorraine Hehir whose Husband is the grandson of J.H. Hehir.
HEHIR, Joseph KP3/14 Son of Thomas & Julia  
JARVIS, GWEN (now DUNN) KP3/14A Photos of Gwen Jarvis as a child in Kingston, Sister of Francis Jarvis. Gwen`s Granparents were Tom & Clara Jarvis. Selina Millicent Jarvis, Daughter of Tom & Clara, used to play the piano at Socials in the Reading Room.
JOHNS, Miss KP3/14B Phot of Miss Johns with Anna Beard Miss Johns was a Kingston Village School Mistress
KINGDOM, Thomas I married Amelia Verrant KP3/15 Thomas I came from Tiverton 1875. Farmed at Okenbury. Separate photos
  KP3/15 Thomas Kingdom I, with dogs  
KINGDOM, Thomas I KP3/15    
With daughters Mabel, Emily,Alice, Mary plus Thomas II as baby      
KINGDOM, Thomas II KP3/15 With Mary (sister) & Thomas III  
    (Thomas lll with brother John See also School File Sch 7.2
KINGDOM KP3/15 At Okenbury. John & Dorothy plus Bert (Thomas III's Brother)
Thomas III’s children      
KINGDOM (the five Toms) KP3/15A Thomas Kingdom 1852-1934,Thomas John Kingdom 1888-1962, Tom Kingdom 1915-1998, Thomas Kingdom 1881-1957,(son of James Kingdom 1850-1918) Thomas Doyle Kingdom 1910-1990 photo supplied by Sarah Kingdom - Great Grand-daughter of James Kingdom
KING KP3/16 Children in photo; Of Robins Farm
Family group   Ivy born 1904 SAR173 (1908-17)  
Robert (born 1832) oldest   Eltrude born 1907 SAR 204 (1910 -20)  
Norman (born 1911?) youngest   William Searle born 1909 SAR 222 (1912-23)  
    Elizabeth came from Plymouth SAR 221 (1912 for few months)  
KING, Kate (Born 1892) KP3/16 Married Bertrand Wallace Tarr (1925) In family group
    RoM 1.29 (no 36) Son Norman (born 1911 ?)  
KING, Grace KP3/16 1921 photo at Xmas Fancy Dress  
KING, John KP3/16 At Wonwell cottage with Jack Trigs (making lobster pots) ALSO photo of John King with his boat Brother of Robert - Married Betsy Wyatt Mitchell RoM 1.16 no. 34
LUGGER, William KP3/17 1929 Wedding photo  
    Married Elsie May Edgecombe RoM 1.30 (no.47) See also Family File KF2.4.3
  KP3/27 At Clyng Mill  
ROGERS, Tom KP3/23 Lived at Langston House  
ROGERS, Richard & Mary KP3/23/A Family Group  
  KP3/23/B Thomas, Philip, Alfred at Kingston School - 1912 ?  
TERRY, George KP3/20 George fisherman RoM 1.22 (no 99)
Wife Rosa (nee Freeman)   With Bill (son)  
TERRY Jack (John) & Harry KP3/20 George`s sons (Brothers) In group photo
TERRY, George, Bill, Jack KP3/20 At Wonwell /Mothercombe. Fishing group See also KP3/28
George & Jim KP3/28 Scobbiscombe Farm  
THOMAS, Jack KP3/26 Blacksmith  
TRIGGS, William KP3/18 Portrait photo of Mr & Mrs Triggs  
TRIGGS, John Lane KP3/19 Married 1886 RoM 1.21 (no. 88) Lived at Torr. See also Family File KF2.3.1
Wife Elizabeth (nee Terry)     John was a pig slaughterer
TRIGGS, David KP3/19A Son of John Lane Triggs. Born 1860 See also Family File KF2.3.1
Bert & Bill (brothers) KP3/28 Scobbiscombe Farm workers Group photo  
    Mr Bennett (manager)  
    George Burn; Sam Wilton; Jim Terry; Bert Triggs; Bill Triggs: Tom Edwards; George Terry  
TRIGGS, Moira KP3/28A SAR 435 (1931 - ?)  
(born 1926)      
TORR, Fred & Beatrice KP3/22   Post Master and Mistress
+ photo with son George      
TOR KP3/27 Clyng Mill JB collected seaweed to make “pancakes”
Haytor & wife Ada      
+ Joan Barkshire      
TOR, Haytor KP3/27 Photo with Bill Triggs (born 1890 KF2.3.1) Lived at Clyng Mill
    & Tom Edwards Also see Family File KF2.11
Leslie George & wife KP3/21 Wedding day with - Pat Kingdom  
Melina (nee Tewkesbury/Freeman)   Mary Knapman, Rosemary Terry (bridesmaids)  
    RoM 1.28 31  
    Mary Knapman born 1920 SAR 357 (1923-30)  
    Rosemary Terry born 1919 SAR 361 (1923-30)  
WILLCOCKS KP3/25 1948 At Wonwell Court  
George, Peter, Tom      
WILTON KP3/24 Husband & wife.  
Jane & Thomas   Parents of Sam (see below)  
Sam & Annie KP3/24 Lived at Britannia Cottages mid 1920’s  
WILTON, Sam KP3/28 Group photo at Scobbiscombe  
WILTON, Annie KP3/24 1949 photo with children Francis Long & Barbara Triggs  
    Children in photo;  
    Francis Long born 1923 SAR 406 (1927-34)  
    Barbara Triggs born 1918 SAR 346 (1922 -30)  
WILTON KP3/24 Group photo with Sam Sam Wilton with Freeman brothers Fred & Albert (sons of Fred Freeman KP3/8. Grandsons of Benjamin KP3/8)
      + Vince Hitt evacuee (wrote book about Kingston?)
Annie & Sam KP3/24 1950’s photo with Vince Hitt & wife Denny  
WINSOR, Ann KP3/28B nearly 80 when photo was taken  
PHOTOGRAPHS - GENERAL KP3/29 Clyng Mill Bridge, Tracing of Tithe Map 1839 - Clyng  
  KP3/30 Kingston Fair Photographs 1975, 1998 - 2008 Brown Folder in Cupboard
  KP3/31 View from Prospect Cottage - looking down View from Long Lane View from Big Hill pre. 1963 View from Torcross to Beech Torr Torr Lane Pounds Farm / Torr House / Trebbles Cottage  
  KP3/32A Ivy Cottage & Street Village Main Street Views of Chapel Row, Fore Street View of Village, Ivy Cottage and Methodist Church  
  KP3/32B Kingston Plain - photos of The Old Forge and Wayside Bill Thorne at Wayside  
  KP3/32C The Dolphin Inn  
  KP3/32D Homecroft  
  KP3/32E Views of Kingston  
  KP3/32F Gabberwell Cottages  
  KP3/32G Vicarage Farm  
  KP3/32H "Local Services" outside Kingston Fire Station - 1990  
  KP3/32I Navy House  
  KP3/32J The Old Home Farm  
  KP3/33 St. James the Less Church (External & Internal), Church Bells and Bell Ringers  
  KP3/34 Views of Wonwell Beach & John Kings Cottage  
  KP3/35 Mothercombe (Wonwell) 1925  
  KP3/36 School decorated for Wedding, tables decorated + School Children  
  KP3/37 Produce Show (Yearly)  
  KP3/38A Fun Day 1994  
  KP3/38B Pancake Day 1994  
  KP3/39 Aerial Views  
  KP3/40 Cricket Match 1990  
  KP3/41 Kingston Snow 1994  
  KP3/42 Farms - Home, Langs, Okenbury, Pounds, Robins, Scobbiscombe, Wastor, Wonwell Court  
  KP3/43 Kingston Short Mat Bowls Club 1997 Photograph moved to KP3/43A
  KP3/43A Kingston Short Mat Bowls Club 1997 - 2004 Photograph in Black Plastic Folder in Cupboard - includes newspaper cuttings KN.59 re. Knockout Cup Trophy 2011
  KP3/44 Kingston History Society Visits :  
  KP3/44A Roadford Reservoir - 1989  
  KP3/44B Leigh Barton Farm  
  KP3/44C Devon Longhouse, Poundsgate Higher Uppcott - June 1990  
  KP3/45 Post Office Closing - 1986  
  KP3/46 Back to School Dance - October 1994  
  KP3/47 Village Occasion - 1977 - 3 photos - Walter & Gina CROCKER - re-learning "Crosshands Kingston Dance" See also KP3/30 Village Fair performing "Crosshands Kingston Dance" Dance originated in Kingston Village
  KP3/48 Kingston Play Group  
  KP3/49 Tree Planting  
  KP3/50 Road Workers  
  KP3/51 Village Transport  
  KP3/52 Golden Jubilee 2002  
  KP3/53 Kingston Flower Festival 1998  
  KP3/54 Kingston Fair 2003 moved to KP3/30 Brown Folder in cupboard
  KP3/55 Kingston Methodist Church Memorial Photos Beatrice M. Torr, William Stidson
  KP3/56 Kingston Reading Room Renovation - April 2006  
  KP3/56A 2 helpers working, in Reading Room 2006 Bryan Watkins & Geoff Smith
  KP3/57-63 `Patchwork Quilt` Handmade in aid of Devon Air Ambulance - 1st Prize in Kingston Fair 1999 Raffle PHOTOS SHOW WORK IN PROGRESS BY LADIES IN KINGSTON
  KP3/64 Photo of Jeff Edwards C 1940
  KP3/65 Photo of Charlie Edwards & Wallace Freeman C 1980
  KP3/66 Books of General photos BOOKS 1,2.
  KP3/67 Photos of `Thatched Cottage` of Len & Sybil Harris in the 50`s. Grand parents of Richard Mott.  
  KP3/68 Photo of `The Forge` 1925 (original) LAMINATED LARGER COPY IN FILE NO. 9 3RD DRAW OF FILING CABINET
  KP3/69 Photo of Potato Planters at Scobbiscombe Farm - 2nd World War.  
  KP3/70 Print of Pencil Drawing of Doreen Edwards aged 8 - Drawn at Kingston Fair - 1940`s by Van Jones  
  KP3/71 3 Photos of `Walkspool` taken in 1938 and letter from Rosemary Firth dated 11.10.07  
  KP3/72 Photos used in the `Then and Now` Film - in Black Folder in Cupboard  
  KP3/73 Photo of Basil Williams & Roger Terry on Tractor at Kingsbridge Carnival - 1950 approx.  
  KP3/74 Kingston Royal Family Photographs 1977, 1991-2007 - RED A4 FOLDER IN CUPBOARD
  KP3/75 Viv Freeman, helping with the Willow Cutting  
  KP3/76 Photographs of the Committee etc. at Presentation + Gazette Report of the Weekend `Preserving Kingstons Past` - 21/22 June 2008
  KP3/77 Photographs of Kingston Fair 1975 moved to KP3/30 Brown Folder in cupboard
  KP3/78 Photographs taken at visit to Citadel - 2007 ? moved to KHS.10
  KP3/79 Photographs of Kingston `Mardi Gras` Fair 2006 moved to KP3/30 Brown Folder in cupboard
  KP3/80 Photographs taken at the Exhibition 21/22 June 2008 `Preserving Kingstons Past`
  KP3/81 Photographs taken at the Exhibition 21/22 June 2008 `Preserving Kingstons Past`
  KP3/82 Winter 1947 Photographs of James Freeman  
  KP3/83 5 Photos. of Beech Torr before & after conversion 1984 - includes letter from Barbara Wilcocks  
  KP3/84 Arial view of Kingston Circa. 1950 IN CHEST
  KP3/85 Tim Kingdom`s collection of memorabilia found in and around Kingston Photo taken 30.12.08
  KP3/86 Tim Kingdom`s sack scales used at Great Torr Farm by his Uncle. Weighed sacks of corn of 400 cwt. Displayed in Tim`s garden. Photo taken 30.12.08.
  KP3/87 Flower Festival Photographs 2007 Small book of photographs
  KP3/88 Christmas Tree Festival Photographs 2008 No. 1 - 23
  KP3/89 2 Photos of 'Tea Dance' in Reading Room - 2008  
  KP3/90 Arial views of Torr Barton - Kingston 4 photographs given by Bob Gilbreath
  KP3/91 Produce Show 1998 4 photographs
  KP3/92 Easter Fair 1999 7 photographs
  KP3/93 Kingston Play Group photo. Trip to Pennywell 1998 Shioya, Hannah and Zoe Walters
  KP3/94 Kingston Variety Club - Modbury Hat Shop visit Feb. 2000
  KP3/95 copy of photograph of Mrs. E. S. Moysly, Ivybridge  
  KP3/96 copy of photograph of `Vote for Mildmay` cartoon  
  KP3/97 photograph of Langs  
  KP3/98 photograph of Greenlands  
  KP3/99 photograph of Torr House (Postcard)  
  KP3/100 photographs of Kingston Houses and information of their occupants in 1891 IN GREEN FOLDER IN CUPBOARD
  KP3/101 Photographs of `Royal Wedding Day` - 29.04.2011 Prince William & Cate  
  KP3/102 photos of Kingston Parish Quiz Team - Chris Denham, Mike Utley, Mark Harding, Lesley Bevan & Jenny Ebsworth (Manager) Inter-Parish Quiz Ken West Plate Final 15th May 2012 - Kingston Won See also MISC.34 Programme
  KP3/103 Various photographs : Royal Dartmouth Beagles Scobbiscombe Farm - Aug. Playbus visits Kingston Village River Trip - July Women who Walk - Autumn Viv Freeman with young Bell Ringers Icelantic Scouts visit and Steph & Katy give their talk. Sunday Club Chritingle - December Christmas Shoe Boxes Bookstall - December Modbury Harriers at the Dolphin Inn Kingston Dec. 2007
  KP3/104 Various photographs : Allotments - Summer National Trust Hedge Laying Workshop MidSummer Pub Crawl Cricket Match National Trust Scobbiscombe Walk - June Inter Parish Quiz Final - Summer The New Bus Shelter Goes Up - July Cricket Match - July BBC Interview with Gret Atkinson CoastWatch Exhibition Christmas Boxes - December Kingston Local History Society Exhibition 2008
  KP3/105 Photograph : Riding for the Disabled - March 2009
  KP3/106 Photo of Bob & Lindsey Knightly at their farewell presentation by Kingston for 35 years with I.P.Q. Inter Parish Quiz Presentation 2013
  KP3/107 Kingston folk braving the cold - Wonwell Beach Christmas Day 2012
POOR LAW PL.1 From 1787 Poor Law Book IN CHEST
  PL.2.1.1-25 Transcripts 1787 accounts IN CHEST
  PL.2.2.1-5 Photocopies of Accounts 1732 - 1733 IN CHEST
  PL.2.3.1 photocopy of Instructions to overseers 1708 IN CHEST
  PL.2.4.1 photocopies of accounts 1827 - 1828 (part) IN CHEST
  PL.2.4.2 photocopies of accounts 1827 - 1828 (part) IN CHEST
  PL.2.5.1 Part of 1787 Survey of Kingston showing chief rents IN CHEST see MISC.7 in Chest
  PL.2.6.1 Letter of 05.02.1851 from Poor Law Board to Kingsbridge Clerk Of Guardians re. valuation of Parish of Kingston (original) IN CHEST
  PL.3.1 Overseers` Accounts  
  PL.4.1 Poor Law Accounts Devon Record Office 1676A 6 Vols. Deposited by Mr. Cattley can be borrowed
  PL.5.1 Book `Parish Poor Law Records in Devon`  
  PL.6.1-49 Kingston - the disbursments of Richard Wyatt. Overseer for the Relief of the poor for the first six months from Easter 1787  
  PL.7.1-2 A rate made by Robert Symons & James Triggs, Church Wardens, and Arthur Wise and Richard Wyatt Overseers of the Poor for the year 1787  
  PL.8.1-2 Apprentices bound out since 1807 DRC 1676A/PO3 Kingston Poor Law Accounts 1812 - 1832 `Verso of last folio but one` IN CHEST
  PL9.1-3 A Rate made by Mrs. Joane Ashford & Katherin Shepherd Overseers for the Relief of the poor of the Parish of Kingston for the year 1732 as followeth.  
  PL.10.1 1676A/PO3 Kingston Poor Law Accounts 1812 - 1832 `Names of Overseers of the Poor`  
  PL.11.1 Kingston Poor Law Accounts. The names of the persons that have been Overseers of the Poor, also the Names of Estates that they do it for.1786 - 1801  
  PL.12.1 1827 An assessment for the necessary relief of the Poor, and for other purposes in the several Act of Parliament mentioned relating to the Poor; for the Parish of Kingston.  
  PL.13.1 Rate Payers 1827 - 1828  
  PL.13.2 Paupers 1827 - 1828  
  PL.13.3-5 Paupers 1827 - 1828  
  PL.14.1 1827 - 1828 Prices for Birds caught  
  PL.14.2 1827 - 1828 Cost of Clothing supplied  
  PL.15.1-2 1827 - 1828 Monies paid to Peter Lugger  
  PL.16.1 1827 - 1828 Monies paid monthly  
  PL.17.1-5 1827 - 1828 Deaths - Cost relevant to  
  PL.18.1 1827 - 1828 Corn Laws  
  PL.19.1-2 1827 - 1828 Sessions  
  PL.20.1 1827 - 1828 Poor House  
  PL.21.1 1827 - 1828 School expenses & Doctors expenses  
  PL.22.1 1827 - 1828 James Trigg salaries  
  PL.23 1776 - 1886 Poor Law Accounts  
  PL.24 1812 - Poor Law Accounts  
  PL.25 Poor Law Accounts  
  PL.26 Recipients of Relief  
  PL.27 Payment to Carers of the Poor 1689 -1697  
  PL.27a Payment to Carers of the Poor 1812 - 1833  
  PL.28 Parish Expenses 1812, 1818, 1822-1828  
  PL.29 Poor House Residents - Baptisms 1814 - 1865  
  PL.30 Poor Law Rates Books 1844 and 1851  
  PL.31 Poor Law Rates 1760, 1816-1817  
POST OFFICE KPO.1 Notes on position of Post Office  
  KPO.2 Newspaper re. Post Office & Shop 1983  
  KPO.3 Post Office restarted in Methodist Chapel  
  KPO.4 Letter re. cupboard made by Bob Fox aged 11 - later used in Post Office  
  KPO.5 Kingston Post Office in Methodist Church Article in Gazette May 1994
  KPO.6 Opening of Post Office in Methodist Church 10th May 1994 (2 photographs)
  KPO.7 Last Day' Kingston Post Office 17 Ju 1992 'First Day. Kingston Post Office in Methodist Church 10 May 1994 Stamped Envelope Stamped Envelope
PUBLICATIONS   Notes, photos, one original printed copy of Kingston, A South Hams Village IN WHITE PLASTIC BAG IN CHEST)
    Notes etc. for : Kingston Two Hundred Years ago IN WHITE PLASTIC BAG IN CHEST)
    Notes for ? Kingston 200 years ago IN WHITE PLASTIC BAG IN CHEST)
    Negs, & Contact Prints - Photos used in Publications IN CHEST
    Kingston - A South Hams Village Updated and re-printed in 2008
    Early Kingston  
    Kingston Remembered Re-printed and extended in 2008
    Memories of 2nd World War - 1939-1945  
    Kingston Guide A Historical Walk around the Village
    Signpost to Kingston - A Tour of the Village A Tour of the Village
    The Church of St. James the Less Booklet Updated and re-printed in 2009
    The Church Bells, Kingston Booklet Updated and re-printed in 2009
    Kingston Fire Station 1949 - 2000 Its Life and Work
    Kingston Fire Station 1949 - 2007 Its Life and Work (Updated copy)
    School Reunion Programme 15.09.07  
    `Presereving Kingston`s Past` Programme 21/22.06.08  
    Past Publications incorporated in Reprints of 2008 HELD IN PUBLICATIONS DRAW IN FILING CABINET
    2009 `Then and Now` Sample Calendar HELD IN PUBLICATIONS DRAW IN FILING CABINET
REMINISCENCES KREM.1.1-7 Mary Petter`s Notes  
  KREM.2.1 Bill Crocker`s Reminiscences  
  KREM.3.1 Julia Lucas` Reminiscences 2 COPIES SEE ALSO KF.1.6
  KREM.4.1-2 Mrs. Susan Tapper`s Reminiscences  
  KREM.5.1 Information for Kingston Remembered Book  
  KREM.6.1-4 Memories of 1953 Coronation by Mrs. Crocker. SHEETS NUMBERED 13-16
  KREM.7.1-2 Memories of 1911 Coronation by Will Crocker SHEETS NUMBERED 17-18 - FAINT COPY
  KREM.8.1 Reminiscences by Hester Cattley  
  KREM.9.1-4 Reminiscences by William Crocker in 1986 4 PAGES
  KREM.10.1-2 Memories of Home Farm/King Family 2 PAGES
  KREM.11.1-3 Memories of the Triggs Family 3 SHEETS
  KREM.12.1-4 Kingston 1947 - 1950 by Eric Cattley  
  KREM.13.1-2 Reminiscences by `Aunt Marg` widow of Mr. Jack Terry - Fisherman ALSO PART OF DUPLICATE COPY
  KREM.14.1-2 Notes by Miss Edith Irish who lived at Edmeston, Modbury Holiday at King`s Cottage, Wonwell Beach 2 SHEETS
  KREM.15.1-13 Memories of Mrs. Jenny Hartland written just before her 89th Birthday in February 1977
  KREM.16.1-5 Memories of John Triggs in 1900 & 1914 5 SHEETS
  KREM.17.1-2 Memories of Mrs. Marjorie Burn. Born at Gabberwell 1903 SEE ALSO KREM.33.1-2
  KREM.18.1-2 Memories of Eileen Freeman  
  KREM.19.1-2 Letter from Victor Harold Careless re. visits to Kingston in early 1900`s where he met DORA TRUSCOTT  
  KREM.20 Memories by Julia Lucas  
  KREM.20.1-6 General memories of Village  
  KREM.20.7-11 Memories of Edgecombe Family  
  KREM.20.12-15 Songs to accompany Kingston Dances  
  KREM.20.16 Note refering to a photo sitting on rocks at Thurlstone with her Mother, `Chrissie Gill & I were paddling` SEE ALSO KF.1.6
  KREM.20.17 National Salvage Campaign - World War II  
  KREM.20.18-20 Civil Defence Rescue from Blitz & Blast - WW II  
  KREM.21.1-4 Memories of Kingston from 1928 onwards by Les ?  
  KREM.22.1 List of people in Village to be contacted for either a talk or a written accound with addresses. Drawn up by Eric Cattley 26.05.86
  KREM.23 Reminiscences of IVY G. WILLCOCKS  
  KREM.23.2.1 My family transcribed  
  KREM.23.3.1-2 The Church transcribed  
  KREM.23.4.1-2 World War II transcribed  
  KREM.23.5.1-2 Entertainment transcribed  
  KREM.23.6.1-2 The Mildmays, Medicine, The Sea transcribed  
  KREM.23.7.1-2 Pubs, The Reading Room transcribed  
  KREM.23.8.1-2 The Village transcribed  
  KREM.23.9.1 Farming transcribed  
  KREM.23.10.1-2 Ivy`s recollections in general  
  KREM.24.1-3 Reminiscences by Leslie Terry  
  KREM.24.1.4 Typewritten copy of above  
  KREM.25.1-2 Reminiscences by Mona Terry  
  KREM.26.1 W. Crocker`s recording at Long George April 1978  
  KREM.27.1.1 Note by Mary Petter re. Mr. V. Hill re. Kingston in 1940`s  
  KREM.28.1.1 Letter from Cookworthy 1991 enclosing 2nd Newspaper Cuttings re. Triggs & Anna Freeman NB No cuttings found to date A.Scarrett 13.02.05
  KREM.29.1.1 Newspaper extract from Kingsbridge Gazette Sept. 1880 re.Harvest Tea for Children  
  KREM.30.1.1 Note re. Scobbiscombe Farm by `M.T.` 2 COPIES
  KREM.30.2.1 Notes re. Kingston Farms  
  KREM.30.3.1-2 Note re. Home Farm & King Family by Julia Lucas  
  KREM.31.1.1 Charlie Edward`s Notes on Cider Making  
  KREM.32.1.1 Notes by Mrs. Thomas of 5 Chapel Row re. Alterations in Village before & since WW II. Handwritten notes and typed copy
  KREM.33.1.1-2 Notes by Mrs. Marjorie Burns re. Kingston SEE ALSO KREM.17
  KREM.34.1.1-3 3 pages on notes by D. H. Careless re. holiday in Kingston early 1930`s  
  KREM.35.1.1 Memories of Kingston by Thatcher Rogers -Modbury  
  KREM.36.1.1 Numerous anecdotes re. Kingston perhaps from Publication Material  
  KREM.37.1.1 in two parts - Kingston Fishermen  
  KREM.38 Alison Ryall of Kingston remembers  
  KREM.39 Memories of Kingston from 50 Years ago by Mary Rose Rogers, of Modbury
RINGMORE R.1.0 RINGMORE PARISH REGISTERS Baptisms 1719 - 1814 (pages 1-16) Marriages 1719 - 1806 (pages 16-22) Burials 1719 - 1814 (pages 22-30)  
  R.1.1 Notes on Ringmore & copy of reprint of early 20th Century account of Ringmore.  
  R.1.2 Letters between HM Petter & Lady Hall re.Barufield  
  R.1.3 HM Petter`s talk to W.I. on Houses, using Wheel Row as an example  
SCHOOL SCH.1 KINGSTON SCHOOL BOOK 1897 - 1966 (65 pages) Information & photographs, incl. School Reunion Day 15.09.2007 & newspaper cutting of the `Day`.
  SCH.2 Old School Photograph given by Mrs. Crocker NOW IN FILE NO. 1 3RD DRAW OF FILING CABINET
SHIPS K.SH.1 List of wrecks off Erme & Bigbury incl. local owners  
  K.SH.2 Ditto - photocopies  
  K.SH.3 Letter to M. Petter 1981 re. Batham Pilchard Fishery  
  K.SH.4 1633-1815 Parish Register Entry re. wrecks/sailors  
  K.SH.5 Misc.  
TITHE MAPS TM.1 (Roll) Kingston Tithe Map - original tracings IN CHEST
  TM.2 (Roll) Kingston Tithe Map 1839 prints with Field Names IN CHEST - 1 SHEET MISSING
  TM.3 (Roll) Tithe Map tracings with fleld names IN CHEST
  TM.4 (Roll) Tithe Map prints with field names IN CHEST
  TM.5-6 Tithe Map prints with field names & Dwellings in RED : 1 set with different holders of the land IN CHEST
  TM.7 Apportionment of the rent-charge in lieu of Tithes IN CHEST
  TM.8 Parts of Tithe Map : tracings & prints, + parts of apportionment. One copy of part Map mounted on green paper. IN CHEST
  TM.9 Tithe Map Workshop - Covers many Farms IN CHEST (BLUE BOOK)
  LM.1 1884 (revised 1905) OS maps of Kingston - 5 sheets IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.2 Local OS maps mid 1950`s  
  LM.3 Local OS maps - 1950`s & 1907 IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.4 Local Nautical charts IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.5 Hanging Map of Kingston IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.6 Churchyard & Parish Boundaries IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.7 Tracing of Map of centre of Kingston from OS map IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.8 Hydrographic Survey of the Erme Estuary 1970 by Lieut. Cdr (later Capt.) Peter Cheshire. RN Hydrographer who lived in Modbury. IN SMALL CHEST
  LM.9 Kingston Area maps IN SMALL CHEST
TITHE MAP APPORTIONMENT TMA.1.1-20A Field numbers, names, owners, tenants, & crops with notes to each sheet 40 SHEETS
  TMA.2.1-12 Field numbers, names & owners in numerical order 12 SHEETS
  TMA.3.1-2 Owners alphabetically with tenants 2 SHEETS
  TMA.4.1-28 Apportionment with notes by Sites & Monuments Register, Christine Freeman pencil notes on Parish. Copy of Apportionment 28 SHEETS
  TMA.5.1 Field Names  
  TMA.6.1-21 Notes on Tithes & other references 21 SHEETS
WOMEN`S INSTITUTE (Kingston)   Kingston W.I. Scrapbooks 1-4 incl. Kingston W.I. Programmes 1979, 1980, 1981,1985
  WI.1-10 Kingston W.I. Programmes 1976 - 1985 GREEN PLASTIC FOLDER - IN CUPBOARD